Victory. Phew.

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Finally got my proper real win. My opponent was beaten and ground into paté.

He was an expander and had 3 bases by the time I attacked with 15 marines. He had some defence and wiped me out but not before I had decimated his means of production, bwhahahaha.

My follow up strike with 5 Banshees, taking out 2 of his bases and almost all his SCVs finished it really, with my Thors and tanks to finish the mopping up until he surrendered.

Must build some support fighters for the Banshees in the future. Or a couple to missle turrets for them the run to. Not doing so prolonged the game as he tried to fight back with whatever resources he had left and took out my Banshees. Which were replaced.

This is very unforgiving game at the moment, which makes victory that much sweeter.

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Turtle death

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Finally got an old fashined turtling player. Unless you are against someone as inept as me, turtling is a sure way to lose all (?) RTS games. What it did do as he sat in his base was gave me lost of time to try stuff. Got the tech tree in my head a bit now. Tried out the shift click building order, oh my god, it must be possible to become sooo good that that.

The game was going well, I was sending small forces against him to keep his turtling brain at ease. Then he sends in some invisble dudes.

Hey! What is killing me???? Oh, it’s those stealth things. How do I detect them? I don’t know. This sucks, they are just going to wipe me out. Dammit.

I asked the other player about them and he told me I can use some flying units and base upgrade to reveal them. Well, after all my SCVs were dead he told me.

Beaten by a turtle. The HUMILIATION is unbearable!

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I flailed around hopelessley in my first few “ranked” games, dropping from 81 to 98 in the Copper League. Is 100 the lowest you can go?

I spent a good deal of this time raging at the Tech tree, which told me I should be able to build factories after a barracks. Why can’t I build bloody factories! My brave little guys are getting wiped out by those beam weapons thingies and the stupid game is stopping me defending them. What is the SECRET?????

Press V.

Instead of B.


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Being crushed

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“Placement games”. Hahahahaha.

No single player game in beta so you have to jump in online. The end result of this is an insanely large group of basic infantry charging into your base after 5 mins while you are trying to work out how to build a single dude.

Game 1
Tried Zerg. Fairly sure I could have been beaten faster if the other guy had tried harder. Still, 9 mins until I surrendered was better than:

Game 2
Where I thought “Terran” might be easier. At least he saved me from another 5 mins of raging “how do I build something else!” Still, Marines in bunkers, cool!

Game 3
Stuck with Terra. Lasted a long time simply because neither of us attacked. I might have done quite well if I had expanded too. 26 mins then death.

Game 4
Some ass who should have selected “Advanced” level. Too short to evenlearn very much.

Game 5

Victory! Well he surrenderend after 5 secs 🙂

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Raison d’etre

May 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I got a Starcraft 2 beta invite. Yay!

I decided to blog playing it since, well, playing a game before release is cool.

“Normal Mode” because SC2 multiplayer will inevitably become an arena of pain online and I am not interested in Heroic Mode for SC2.

I was a fairly decent AoE/AoK player and a terrible SC player. Let’s see how I get on with this!

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